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Receive orders via Fooder WhatsApp within minutes after creating your menu and make your customers' experience the best by owning the largest database.
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ordering via WhatsApp

Revolutionize Your Restaurant with Automated Conversations

Experience the future of Customer Engagement with Fooder chatbot

Say goodbye to manual order processing and let our intelligent chatbots handle it effortlessly, freeing up your team's time to focus on other essential tasks. Elevate your customer experience with the ordering automation system by fooder and witness the positive impact on your business.

Why Fooder?

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Fooder Operations

Place Order

Your customers can order meals by clicking on “Order Now” and you will be directed directly to a WhatsApp conversation to order through.

Menu Options

Fooder  provides an electronic menu that enables customers to order their meals via WhatsApp, in addition to choosing the appropriate payment method for them.

Order Status

Take advantage of the POS device to update the status of the order via WhatsApp, or use the POS technology to update the status of orders via WhatsApp.

Special Requests

Your customer can request a new meal or ask about any inquires, through the same previous conversation he had with the restaurant on WhatsApp.

All-In-One Dashboard

All steps of the process of ordering meals from the restaurant can be followed on WhatsApp through the digital dashboard and integration with the CRM system provided by Fooder.

Fooder Integrations

One stop solution designed for all your restaurant digital transformation requirements

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Fooder offers the best and easiest technology to order and pay online for your restaurant
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